When Turkish believers and seekers meet together a few hours from now, most of them will gather in groups known as “dernekler” (associations, similar to an alumni association or a chess club). It’s almost impossible to register with the government as a “church”, but in recent years there has been this alternate provision for legal recognition. The guidelines aren’t as friendly as churches in the west follow, and there’s always the risk that a local official will find (or manufacture) some infraction that results in a fine. But Turkish pastors and leaders are grateful that they now have legal and social protection. PRAY that this weekend’s gatherings will be marked by God’s anointing. PRAY that seekers will be drawn to them. And PRAY that this provision for recognition will continue. “Christ’s love makes the church whole. His words evoke her beauty. Everything he does and says is designed to bring the best out of her” (Ephesians 3:27)